best tasting polish mushroom sauce

Rich umami flavor Quick to make Versatile

why you will love polish mushroom sauce


- start by cleaning the mushrooms and leeks - in a large skillet melt butter, add leeks and sauté few min - add mushrooms and sauté 8-10 min - add flour to create roux - add everything else but the HWC and sour cream

Step by Step

- allow the mixture to simmer 2-3 minutes - reduce the heat and add HWC and sour cream - let the sauce simmer 5-7 min  - taste and adjust seasoning - remove bay leaves and allspice - garnish with fresh dill and serve

Step by Step

- gently wipe using paper towel  - use brush to remove any stubborn dirt - trim the ends if they are damaged or discolored - avoid soaking them in water - you can quickly rinse them and pat dry immediately  - dry thoroughly to remove any remaining moisture

tips how to clean mushrooms

- with chicken, beef or pork - over noodles or grains - with roasted veggies - as a dip for potato pancakes - with scrambled eggs - as a pizza sauce

How to best enjoy Polish Mushroom Sauce