best tasting Polish Potato Pancakes


 why you will love best tasting polish potato pancakes 

Comforting Versatile Easy to make 


- Shred and drain the potatoes - Lightly beat the egg - Add all ingredients to the shredded potatoes. - Mix well to combine.

You can add the mixed potato batter to a food processor and shred it - process it even more for a finer texture.

- using large spoon, or 1/4 cup measuring cup form Potato Pancakes - flatten them slightly

- In a large skillet heat up olive oil and gently place the Potato Pancakes in the pan.  - Cook until golden brown on both sides.

Top tips for making Best tasting Polish Potato Pancakes

- grate the potatoes finely - don't skip removing excess moisture after grating the potatoes - season generously - use high heat for frying - don't crowd the pan, fry in batches - flatten gently - keep warm in the oven - serve hot

How to best enjoy Polish Potato Pancakes

- hot, from the skillet with a sprinkle of sugar and a dollop of cream - topped with mushroom sauce - with jam or fruit butter of your choice - serve it as a side to gravlax, or smoked salmon - add guacamole or salsa for Mexican twist