best tasting polish salatka jarzynowa

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- Wash the potatoes, carrots, and parsnips - cook them in broth or water for 10-15 min, until tender but firm - remove the cooked veggies from the pot, set aside to cool - peel and dice all the veggies into uniform pieces

Step by Step

- slice and dice the fermented cucumbers - boil, cool and dice the eggs - cook the frozen green peas - add all the chopped - diced veggies into a large mixing bowl

Step by Step

- in a separate bowl mix the mayonnaise and mustard  - add the dressing to the bowl with all the veggies - mix gently to combine and coat the veggies - taste and adjust accordingly - cover the bowl and refrigerate the salad for few hours before serving

Step by Step

- as a side dish to any breakfast, dinner or supper - party platter with selection of meets, cheeses and crackers - use salatka as a filling for wraps - add chopped salami, ham or kielbasa for hearty filling meal

How to best enjoy Salatka Jarzynowa