how to make  bacon & Mushroom creamy pasta

Creamy Delicious  Made with bacon

why you will love bacon & mushroom creamy pasta


- fill in pot with water and bring it to boil - cook pasta according to the package directions, cook it al dente - clean and chop the mushrooms - cut bacon to bite size pieces and cook it on a skillet - remove the bacon and cook the onion until translucent

Step by Step

- add garlic and mushrooms and cook until they are tender - add all the liquids: broth, cream and milk.  - add bacon, herbs and cooked pasta - reduce the heat and cook for few more minutes, stirring frequently to ensure even coating of the noodles

Step by Step

- cook the pasta al dente - add salt to the boiling water - reserve at least one cup of the pasta water - use freshly grated cheese if possible - cook the bacon until crispy for a great textural contrast to the creamy pasta - toss the pasta and sauce thoroughly

top tips for making bacon & mushroom creamy pasta

- enjoy as is  - serve it with side of green salad or garlic bread - with a glass of Pinot Grigio or a light red like Chianti - serve it with shredded chicken - top it with selection of fresh herbs

How to best enjoy Bacon & Mushroom Creamy Pasta