how to make  beef bone broth

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why you will love beef bone broth


- start by blanching the beef bones, this helps to remove any impurities from the bones - place them in a large stock pot filled with water, bring to boil and simmer 15 min - discard the cooking water, rinse the bones

Step by Step

- transfer the cooked bones onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper - roast in the smoker (oven) set to 450F for 45 minutes

Step by Step

- prepare the veggies, wash, peel and cut - add the veggies to the roasting bones - roast together for another 15-20 minutes - remove from the smoker (oven)

Step by Step

- Transfer the roasted veggies and bones into a large stock pot. Add water to cover it all. Add spices & aromatics – Cook in a smoker set to 350F for approximately 4-6 hours - remove all bones and veggies before serving. You can also filter the broth thru a fine mesh strainer

Step by Step

- use variety of bones, include joint bones rich in collagen - blanch the bones, to remove impurities - roast the bones to enhance the flavor - skim, skim, skim for clear broth - let the broth simmer for hours - balance the flavors, taste and adjust - batch and freeze in portions

top tips for making  beef bone broth

- use as a base for sauces, soups - drink as is - add to salsa - use instead of water for cooking pasta - use for poaching eggs, chicken or fish

How to best enjoy Beef Bone Broth