how to make  butternut & Tomato sauce

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why you will love butternut & tomato sauce


- preheat your smoker to 200F  - prepare all the veggies, wash, cut and place on the baking sheet - drizzle with olive oil - smoke for 20 minutes - increase the temp to 400F and roast for 50 min - remove from the smoker and cool slightly

Step by Step

- place the roasted veggies in high speed blender, add broth - blend until smooth - transfer the blended sauce into a sauce pan - simmer for few minutes - finish by adding cream and vinegar

Step by Step

- smoke at high smoke setting to infuse the veggies with smoky flavor - don't skip roasting, it intensifies flavors  - use variety of tomatoes to enhance the flavor - use parchment paper on the baking sheet for easy cleanup - garnish your sauce with fresh basil and/or parmesan cheese

top tips for making butternut & tomato sauce

- dipping sauce for meatballs or veggies - serve it with pasta - as a pizza sauce - make lasagna with it - add more broth and make it a soup

How to best enjoy Smoked Butternut Sauce