how to make chrusciki - polish angel wings

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- in a medium size bowl whisk together egg yolks, sour cream, vodka, vanilla and lemon zest - in another bowl combine flour and 2 tbsp of powdered sugar, add the egg yolk mixture. - transfer all to a stand mixer bowl

Step by Step

- using hook attachment mix on low speed for 5-7 min - transfer the formed dough into floured surface and roll it out - roll and fold and beat the dough multiple time. This will create air pockets and crispy, flaky texture - wrap the processed dough and let it rest for 15-20 min

Step by Step

- roll out the dough into a thin layer - using pastry cutters cut 1.5 inches wide strips, 3-5 inches long - make the ribbons - heat the oil to 350F - cook quickly in batches - set on a rack to drain excess oil - finish with a sprinkle of powdered sugar

Step by Step

- use chilled ingredients - kneading is crucial, folding, rolling and beating will create air pockets and flaky texture - rest the dough - roll it very thin - preheat the oil and monitor the temperature throughout the cook - don't overcrowd the pan - flip quickly - dust with powdered sugar after they are completely cooled

top tips for making chrusciki

Traditionally made around Lent (Fat Thursday), but often enjoyed around Christmas, during Carnival or for special occasions (weddings). Their name – Chrusciki can be translated into dry twigs, because they are twisted like them and also break easily. 

How to best enjoy Chrusciki