how to make  croissant breakfast bake

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- preheat the oven to 350F and grease the baking dish - tear croissants, and the meats, shred the cheese - start layering croissants, meat and cheese in the baking dish - leave some cheese to use in the very top layer

Step by Step

- in a large mixing bowl combine eggs, cream, mustard, spices and herbs - whisk together until combined - slowly pour the egg and cream mixture over the bread and meat – add the last layer of shredded cheese - bake 25-20 min until the top is golden brown and eggs are set

Step by Step

- use stale croissants - cut ingredients into even pieces - grease the baking dish - layer evenly, so every bite has it all - rest before serving - customize to your liking - make ahead - garnish with fresh herbs

top tips for making croissant breakfast bake

- as a standalone breakfast  - pair it with fresh fruit or green salad - add sliced avocado, top it with salsa or hot sauce or serve with potato hash

How to best enjoy Croissant Breakfast Bake