how to make easy smoked cabbage stew

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why you will love this smoked cabbage stew


– Wash and chop the cabbage into bite-sized pieces. – Add salt to the chopped cabbage and massage it for a minute or so. This step can improve the texture and flavor of your dish

Step by Step

- Dice the onion and carrots. Slice the mushrooms. – Heat oil in a large pot  - add diced onion and sauté until softened  - add carrots and mushrooms and cook together 5-6 min - add the cabbage

Step by Step

- add all the rest of the ingredients - stir well to combine - transfer the pot to the smoker preheated to 225F - let it smoke uncovered for 20 min - after the initial time, cover the pot with the lid and smoke for another hour or so until the veggies are tender

Step by Step

- Serve with Crusty Bread – Pair with Mashed Potatoes – add smoked sausage or meatballs – Top with Sour Cream  – Serve with Pickles or Fermented Vegetable

How to best enjoy Smoked Cabbage Stew