how to make  persimmon-Cranberry sauce

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why you will love persimmon-cranberry sauce


- wash and sort the cranberries - wash, peel and chop the persimmons - preheat the smoker to 350F - place all the sauce ingredients in a heavy bottom sauce pan - set in the smoker, smoke for 20 min - stir and continue smoking uncovered for another 20 minutes

Step by Step

- the sauce is ready when the cranberries and fruit become soft - remove from the smoker and let it cool  - for smoother texture you can blend the sauce - before serving garnish with orange zest and roasted pecans

Step by Step

- don't add too much sugar or sweetener, taste as you cook  - cook until berries burst - add acid to balance the flavors and add brightness  - stir during the cook to prevent it from sticking - experiment with spices - cook longer to thicken the sauce - blend for smoother texture

top tips for making persimmon-cranberry sauce

- add it to granola, yogurt bowl - mix with oatmeal - spread it on bagels - make it to a smoothie - use it as a glaze for pork or turkey - as a topping for a cheesecake

How to best enjoy Persimmon-Cranberry Sauce