how to make polish biala kielbasa - white sausage

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why you will love polish biala kielbasa


- grind all the pork meat - measure all the spices and herbs - mix well with the ground meat - add ice cold water, mix with the meat, knead and fold to create protein bind - cover the container with a lid or plastic wrap and store in the fridge overnight

Step by Step

- next day cook small batch of the meat to taste for seasoning - adjust if needed - soak and rinse the natural hog casing - assemble the sausage stuffer, thread the casing onto the stuffing tube - slow and steady start stuffing the casing

Step by Step

- twist or tie off the filled casing at regular intervals to form individual sausage links - inspect the links for air pockets; using a needle remove them - arrange the sausages on a tray and rest for 24 hours in the fridge - cook in broth or freeze for later use

Step by Step

- Keep everything cold - process the meat in batches, keep all the rest in the fridge - Season generously - taste and adjust - Keep proper meat to fat ration for delicious sausage - Don't overstuff - Grind the meat twice, optional - Cook gently, to avoid the casing to burst or split

top tips to know when making biala kielbasa

- pan fried or grilled - cooked in a soup (Zurek) - add to vegetable stew (Lecho) or cabbage stew - Bigos - serve with mustard, fresh horseradish, crusty bread and beet salad

How to best enjoy the Polish White Sausage