how to make polish zurek - sour rye soup

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Ingredients for Zakwas 

Ingredients for Zurek

- few days prior to making Zurek you need to make Zakwas - to a clean jar add all the ingredients, cover with cheesecloth and set on the counter at room temp for 5-7 days  - The Zakwas is ready when you can smell tangy aroma and see bubbles on the surface

Step by Step

- To a large stock pot add broth and the kielbasa - cook on low for about 30-45 min - let it cool lightly and cut it into small pieces and return to the stock pot - peel, dice and sauté the onion, add to the soup - add the marjoram

Step by Step

- measure out the amount of Zakwas you need - add it to the simmering broth - stir well to combine - add cream - taste and adjust seasoning accordingly - serve Zurek hot with hard-boiled egg

Step by Step

- plan ahead, you need set the zakwas 5-7 days before making Zurek - simmer on low to let the flavors develop - use variety of sausages, bacon or ham hock - taste and season accordingly - customize by adding potatoes, eggs or sour cream - garnish with fresh herbs before serving

top tips to know when making zurek

- serve with cut up kilebasa and egg - drink plain as is in the mug - add potatoes, horseradish, sour cream - add grain of your choice 

How to best enjoy Zurek - Sour Rye Soup