how to make  smoked apple Butter

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why you will love smoked apple butter


- wash, core and cut your apples - in a medium size pan combine the apples, honey and apple juice  - smoke at 225F for about 2 hrs - when apples get soft remove the pan  from the smoker - set aside and let them cool slightly

Step by Step

- transfer the cooled apples into high speed blender - blend until desired consistency - transfer the blended apples back into the pan; add lemon juice, vanilla and spices; stir to combine - return to the smoker for another 30 minutes

Step by Step

- low and slow, this will intensify the apple flavor and also create perfect thick consistency - pick softer variety of apples, they will break down faster during the cook - mind the sugar, taste and add if needed - experiment with spices and ratios - blend it until smooth

top tips for making smoked apple butter

- spread on toast, biscuits or muffins - add to yogurt, granola or oatmeal - top pancakes or waffles - use instead of pumpkin puree - make it into glaze for meat - make it into BBQ sauce

How to best enjoy Smoked Apple Butter