how to make smoked pumpkin seeds

Crunchy texture Easy to make Nutritious

why you will love smoked pumpkin seeds


- cut your pumpkin into half, remove the guts and the seeds - wash the seeds under running water  - in a medium sauce pan bring water to boil; add the rinsed pumpkin seeds and cook for 10 min - after 10 min drain the water

Step by Step

- spread the seeds onto a paper towel and roughly dry them out - place the dried seeds on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper - Let the seeds air dry overnight - the nesx day transfer the seeds into a mixing bowl

Step by Step

- add oil and spices - mix well to coat all the seeds - set the smoker on high smoke  - transfer the seasoned seeds onto a baking sheet - smoke 20 min at high smoke - after 20 min increase temp to 350F and roast until desired crunchiness

Step by Step

- to remove impurities - to open the skin  pores so smoke and flavor can penetrate deeper  - to infuse more flavor - to soften the skin for easier digestion

why you should boil the pumpkin seeds

- add to salads - add to soups - add to any cooked veggies - great casserole topping - use in homemade granola - add to baking goods

How to best enjoy Smoked Pumpkin Seeds