Welcome to My Omni Kitchen!

Hi, I’m Sylwia

I created My Omni Kitchen to inspire You to explore cuisines, cooking techniques, dishes you may have not heard about. By sharing simple recipes I invite you to culinary adventure.

The purpose of My Omni Kitchen is to help You discover new flavors and learn about diverse cuisines, all through easy-to-follow recipes.

My Omni Kitchen is more than a collection of awesome recipes. It is fun and engaging food blog where we can express and share our love for food.

Let’s use our passion for food and cooking, let’s get inspired and explore beyond the basics. Through detailed instructions I will guide you to create dishes worthy award.

I’m here to provide you with valuable content, including delicious recipes, mouthwatering photography, cooking tips and possibly fun stories. Together we will discover the joys of cooking, creativity in the kitchen and appreciation for cultural and social aspects of food.

So grab your apron and fire up your cooking device! because we are about to whip up something extraordinary!

Yours in foodie adventures, Sylwia

I’m So Glad You’re Here!

top view at a wooden backdrop, wooden tray and few spoons, knife, wooden spoon and two glasses.

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

in the mountains

Listening to

country music

grateful for

my family

Favorite place

my home

my weekends

cooking and family

best snuggle buddies

my puppz
My Omni Kitchen Owner

Where this all began

It kind of started back in 2017, the cooking part. I was missing my food 🙂 Polish food, the sausages to be exact. I asked my husband for a smoker for my birthday. I got it and the journey of bbq and smoking began.

Latest and worth checking recipes from My Omni Kitchen

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